A Week in the Life

In this post, I will briefly share what this last week has been like to give a better sense of day to day life here in Rio de Janeiro.

On Monday, I ran along the beach in the morning, which I was very hesitant to do at first because I’m not the best runner, but I am so happy I decided to take it up. It’s never overcrowded but you’re also never the only one running (the view of the beach also never gets old). I then came home to the breakfast that Claudia, my host mom’s housemaid, sets out for me every morning.  I always wake up to a fresh bowl of papaya that she cuts up (which is so much better than papaya in the United States) and I make myself a cup of coffee and toast to go along with it.

Typical breakfast (along with cheese and thin slices of lunch meat)

Then I set off to class at PUC on the bus. On my way back that afternoon, I walked and window shopped for a while here in Copacabana (cut short due to the rain) and then came back to our apartment. That afternoon/evening, I did some reading for class and then ate dinner with my host family.

On Tuesday I was at PUC almost all day since my classes are from 9am until 7pm. In between classes, I got lunch and caught up on some homework with other students that have the same schedule. It was a rainy day again so I went home, ate dinner with my host family, and went to bed.

On Wednesday I again ran along the beach, and later met everyone from the program on the metro. That day our class discussion was going to take place in Confeitaria Colombo, a place that the author of our readings used to frequently visit. Confeitaria Colombo is a beautiful coffee shop with huge floor to ceiling mirrors. After having class there (and having some delicious coffee and sweets), we walked around the downtown area and then headed back to Copa.

FullSizeRender 2

On Thursday, I again had classes all day. That evening, our group went to the villas on campus where you dance to Brazilian music, like funk, and get to hang out with other PUC students. After this, Breanna and I joined Yuxuan for her late birthday dinner at a delicious Chinese restaurant (where she was so excited to order in Chinese – it was the cutest thing ever).

On Friday, I woke up to go run along the beach, and then took the bus to school. After getting back to Copa, I hung out at home for a while before meeting my friend Breanna along the beach. We walked along the beach before getting drinks at a beachside barraca and then venturing back into Copa to look for something to eat.

The next day I did some homework during the morning. Later that afternoon, I met my friend Amatullah for a slow jog along the beach of Copacabana. We then ventured over to Ipanema beach where we found a really cool hidden path with a great view. After this  we went to Arpoador (huge rocky area between Copa and Ipanema), where we ate our tapioca (popular street-food here) while watching the sunset.

FullSizeRender 4
The view from Arpoador


Sunday, I went to the feira hippie or “hippie fair” with Breanna and their host mom. It’s a really cool market in the square of Ipanema with a lot of vendors. We got to see a lot of cool art, clothes, and jewelry (among other things). After that we ate dinner at a restaurant and headed back home.

There’s always so much to do in this wonderful city and this is just a small part of it. I can’t wait to share more.

Beijos gente,




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