Chicago Jeans: Dearborn Denim

Jeans. Denim. Made in… CHICAGO? Yes. This past week, our neighborhood class provided us with the opportunity to check out a Chicago Factory that focuses on Chicago-made jeans and belts.

Dearborn Denim & Apparel’s mission is to “supply customers with the most comfortable jeans imaginable at the best price possible.” The founder’s name is Rob, and two years ago he set out on a mission to fulfill the want, and need, of providing people with better apparel brand, access to a great product, a product made the “right” way, and sold at a well-worth it price.

While at Dearborn Denim, we had the opportunity to see that jean-making-process from start to finish. It started with how the material was cut based on size the sizes people wanted, then the stitching of those cut pieces, the stitching of the pockets, the stitching of the zipper, then the loops for the belt. Afterwards, the jeans are washed, ironed, then folded and are ready for shipment/packaging. The process can be found HERE.

Dearborn Denim takes pride in comfort, fit, and price. Comfort: They have claimed to use great materials. Their denim is made West Texas long staple cotton, and loomed in Georgia at the most technologically advanced denim mill in the USA. They stretch, but are said to not stretch stretch out. They are said to be some of the most comfortable jeans to be worn. Fit: Each order has the potential to be customized to fit the length each customer/client of Dearborn Denim. They carry a wide range of waist sizes and inseams so that their customers can get the best possible fit. Price: They make everything in-house from start to finish and ship directly to you. Without the middle people, you get the best price that they can offer.

One customer writes on the review page, “Went to the factory to exchange a pair of jeans I ordered online that were too large. The staff was very friendly and they helped me find a pair that fit just perfectly. Such comfy jeans, and great to see them being manufactured here in Chicago.”

Until our trip last week to Dearborn Denim, I was not aware of a Jean Factory in the city of Chicago. We learned that their employees receive a pay between $12-$15. We also learned that they have a various jean colors as well as Dearborn Denim belts, with the option of a more patriotic style.I look forward to seeing how this business flourishes!

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