Daily Life: Showers

Showers. That’s something people want to know about before they study abroad, right? So here’s my blog to tell you about them.

In the UB dorms, I live in the section called “Las Vegas,” where international students are typically placed (we’re all in this area this year, but I have heard that sometimes people end up in other parts of campus), and in that area the floor sections each have one shower and two toilets, with seven rooms on the floor, so about 12 women sharing that shower. Some floors don’t have a shower curtain (ours does, though), but even with the shower curtain about half the women never close it while they shower, which constantly confuses me.

The water is usually pretty hot, but it is tough hard to get a good balance of warm and cool, and the temperature responds super slowly to changes at the dials, so I am often either freezing or trying to lean away from the scalding water. I don’t mean that to sound bad, it’s not bad at all, and don’t be afraid to study abroad in Botswana because the shower temperature is hard to perfect. I much prefer cold showers here anyhow cause it is so hot all the time, and you figure out how to make it work for yourself.


The worst thing is that people here seem to take unbelievably long showers. My roommate will leave the room to take a shower and come back, I kid you not, half an hour later. I don’t think of myself as the quickest showerer in the world, but comparatively, my showers are zip-a-dee-doo-dah fast.

Terrible lighting, but here’s a view of the bathroom, ft. the mop we have to use to wipe up the floor after showering (or else the very aggressive sign will yell at you). Toilet stalls are on the right and sinks on the left. The shower (pictured at the top of this blog) is just to my right where I stood while taking this picture.

My roommate takes a shower every morning and evening, and when I skip a day (or two) of taking a shower cause I’m sick of waiting for people, I’m pretty sure she thinks I don’t know what hygiene is. Also, people like seriously scrub here, like, I’ll walk in the bathroom while one of the many people who don’t close the shower curtain is showering and you would think Lady Macbeth was bathing herself with how seriously they scrub their soap on. Meanwhile, I’m on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, just letting the runoff of my shampoo do it for “washing” the rest of my body cause I’m lazy and don’t want to buy body wash. What can I say? I’m a nasty woman.

As I write this I am sitting at my desk wearing a towel and Chacos (which serve as my shower shoes here), listening for the sound of the creaking bathroom door to tell me when someone has come out of the shower. I keep getting up and peeking out the door when I hear other creaking doors open, and one time I almost made it to the shower in a gap between people, but by the time I picked up my shampoo and conditioner someone else had beat me to it. I could solve this problem if I just waited in line in the bathroom, but where’s the fun in that?

Speaking of my Chacos, here’s an update on the Chacos tan

Random thoughts for the day: Whenever I’m on Facebook I see recipes for desserts that look really good, and I save them so that I can make them (or think about making them) when I’m back in the states and have access to a kitchen. The problem is that Facebook is a greedy attention-seeker and when I don’t go back to something I saved a week ago, I get a notification: “You saved “Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake,” would you like to open it again?” and I have to go through the agony of salivating over this silly chocolate chip cookie cake all over again, dreaming about making it in June.

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