Time… Oh, Where Does it Go?

As stated in previous blogs, there are ten of us students in the Chicago ACM Program. However, three students are from Chicago and one is from Naperville, Chicago Suburb. When people think of Chicago, they think of Navy Pier, The Bean, Millenium Park, Lakeshore drive, Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain, The Willis Tower, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Sheddaquarium, and many other tourist areas. Other people think of culture, segregation, and the complexity of which that entails.

A few, such as myself, think of both. There is so much to go explore in this beautiful city that I call home! However, I find that with classes, with work, with volunteering, as well as having family in the city limits the opportunity to do all of the things that I would like to do each day. Each day, we a presented with the option of choosing what we want to invest our time in. After all, we are only given 24 hours.

Each day we start of here:


This is La Casa. Our home sweet home! This neighborhood, Pilsen, makes it so easy to stay and not go home due to many essentials around us. We have grocery stores, clothing stores, dollar stores, the the train and the bus in a 2-4 minute walk, multiple wellness facilities, and really great food!

At times, my family expects me to go visit the same day I have an evening seminar or class. Other times I have work when others in the group are going out to explore a new place. It is a balance that we need to acquire along the way. It took me 3.5 years to learn how to do it well! Now, we are in that transitional stage again where we need to learn how adapt. How do I spend time with family, as well as hold down a job, take classes, have an internship, fight for social justice through community work, and also have an active social life with my peers/friends?

“It is hard to find the balance between school, the academic part of it, having a social life, as well as maintaining relationships with friends and family,” said Jasmine Johnson, another student in the program who is originally from Chicago.

I could not agree more with Jasmine. Each day, I have to decide what is most important on my list. Is it reading five articles due in the next few days? Or is it going for a walk around town? Or do I need to go to work? Or is it a day to go visit family? Or is it just a Netflix day?

There is so much to do with such little time each day. I guess the best we can do is use our time wisely.

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