The Uptown/Hyde Park Adventures

On Monday, February 7th, students from the Chicago ACM Program had the opportunity to learn how to navigate the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) through experiential learning. After learning about the Chicago Grid System, a simple tool to explain how people can make their way around Chicago, the ten students in the program were split into two groups. One group went to Uptown while the other group went to Hyde Park.

The purpose of the scavenger hunt was not only to give us the experience we needed on the CTA, but also to bond with our fellow peers and, well, pick up food. We departed at 3pm and were supposed to make our way back from the various stops and arrive at our ACM location by 6pm for dinner.

Both groups had seven stops to make before they could return.

Uptown Scavenger Hunt Landmarks:

  • 1106 W. Lawrence
  • Lawrence Redline Mural
  • 4746 N. Racine
  • 4802 N. Broadway
  • 4850 N. Broadway
  • 4925 N. Broadway
  • Argyle at the Redline Stop

Hyde Park Scavenge Hunt Landmarks:

  • 5015 South Blackstone Avenue
  • 5020 South Cornell Avenue
  • 5234 South Blackstone
  • 51st and Greenwood
  • 5535 South Ellis
  • 5550 South Greenwood
  • 1508 East 55th Street

Jasmine Johnson was one of the students who was part of the group for Uptown. She states, “Getting to learn how the CTA works while getting to know each other was my favorite part. I thought it was really cool applying the grid system that Ms. Dorothy taught us to navigate the city and know how to get to where we want, or need, to go.”

Click here on The Hyde Park Adventure to watch a recap of the Hyde Park Scavenger Hunt. While in Hyde Park, we also had the chance to check out the rock of former first lady and president Michelle and Barack Obama had their first date! Below is a picture of the rock:


All in all, we enjoyed the opportunity to explore as well as connect with one another in the streets of the Windy City that we now call our home. The Uptown group ended up winning. However, the real winners were all of us due to the delicious food with much variety. Students stated that they would definitely do it again!


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