An Adventure at la Hacienda del Rodeo

I have been in Costa Rica for only two days now, but I have already experienced so much! Yesterday, we took a trip to la Hacienda del Rodeo, it was similar to a ranch with cattle and many other animals. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

La Hacienda is located in the mountains and consequently has one of the most amazing views.img_0464

We spent the day bonding while we swam, hiked, and relaxed.IMG_0437.JPG

We also played a lot of futbol! I am not a very athletic person, but I couldn’t help but play with the professors and other students.  I missed the ball many times, but everyone here was very supportive.   IMG_0452.JPG

One thing I’ve noticed about los ticos (the name for Costa Rican people) is that they are all very friendly and supportive! On the plane to Costa Rica, for example, I sat next to a Costa Rican family that only spoke spanish. I was so nervous about my spanish skills, but I talked to them anyway. Next thing I know I am leaving the airport with their telephone numbers in hand with the instructions to call them if I ever needed anything.

It has been an amzing couple of days  with great people!  I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this group of people and I couldn’t be more happy!

Until the next adventure,



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